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Our Services

Our team specializes in work related and motor vehicle injuries.

Sports & Orthopedic Therapies

  • Evaluation consisting of specific joint tests as well as functional movement assessment

  • Specific stretching, stabilization and strengthening exercises

  • Instruction in appropriate body mechanics

  • Various manual therapy techniques

  • Modalities including laser, game ready, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and thermal packs

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • K-taping techniques

  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified to address and prevent golf injuries

  • Sport specific rehabilitation programs

  • Custom orthotics

Post-Operative Rehab Therapies

  • Evaluation and assessment to determine appropriate protocol based on surgical procedure and physician directives

  • Game Ready for edema control

  • Appropriate exercise program based on surgical procedure and protocol

  • Gait and balance training

  • Manual therapy to aid in reducing scar tissue and promoting joint mobility

  • Modalities to aid in soft tissue healing

  • IASTM for scar tissue break down

  • K-taping for edema control


Vestibular & Balance Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Comprehensive evaluation to isolate vestibular, somatosensory and visual deficits

  • Specific canalith repositioning techniques

  • Vestibular rehabilitation exercises addressing adaptation and substitution

  • Dynamic balance training

  • Stabilization and strengthening exercises

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